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Nizozemské bratři Nick a Jeffrey van der Schilden, a Peter Spaargaren zkoumají hudební emoce s hlubokým atmosférické vrstvy od roku 2006, tvoří elektronický akt "lehce rozpačitý. Kombinace různých stylů a chutí, od elektro kopírovat na ambient a psychedelické, které mix retro syntetizovat zvukový design dnes.
Pocházející z EE studiu v Aalsmeer, Nizozemsko, které již získali své známky uvolňování dva volné EP From Sunset Last Night to Sunrise This Morning a Darkened Emotion. Snadno rozpacích odstěhoval se z tam, odcházející za demo scéna, kdy vydali své debutové album Idyllic Life na Cardamar Music. Up-tempo a dolů proudy "lehce trapné", vzrostl v průběhu let, se nebojí pustit se do neznáma, ale vždy zůstat věrni své vlastní rozpoznatelný zvuk.



What is the most weird sounding word in your language for you? What does it mean?

Nick: "Pannekoeken" seems to make every foreigner laugh. It means pancakes.

Peter: I'm going for "Frikandel". I don't think there's a translation, since it's a snack only served in the Netherlands. A Frikandel is a long, skinless, dark-coloured sausage that is eaten hot.


It is said, that how many languages you speak, so many times are you human. How many times you are ?

Nick: three times for me that is, but one of those times are bits from many different languages taken altogether.

Peter: Hmmm, so that means I'm only human three times. I guess I need to work on that! =)

Which language you like, even if you dont understand it?

Peter: I really like Japanese. It simply sounds mysterious, and of course very cute. It sparkled my attention from the moment I watched my very first Anime. Fun fact: Easily Embarrassed uses a lot of Japanese voices in their music.

Nick: Japanese here as well for the same reason as Peter. I don't understand it, but it sounds like music in the ears.

What kind of music was playing at your homes when you were little embarassed kids?

Peter: Basicly all the popular bands from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Most notibly, I heard a lot of Pink Floyd, Queen, Deep Purple, Joe Satriani and Jean Michelle Jarre (as you might have noticed).

Nick: I've grown up with music that has been played by my father a lot. Mostly bands from 70's and 80's like Phil Collins, Joe Cocker, Dire Straits :) A total different genre as what we're listening now. But I have to say that I've always been obsessed with the music coming out of our Commodore 64 too. Game music composers of the C64 like Martin Galway, Rob Hubbard and Jeroen Tel.

What are first few things comes to your mind if you think of Czech Republic?

Peter: To be perfectly honest, I don't have much knowledge of Czech. From what I have seen though, it seems to be a beautiful country with a wonderful environment and a lot of people with a very positive aura. I'm looking forward to explore the area of Babion!

Nick: Pfew, that's a hard question. Never been there before, but I've seen pictures taken on holidays from friends. I have heard very positive things from them, so it has to be great.


We cant miss this one question. If its so easy to be embarrassed, what things make you to be embarassed?

Nick: Hahaha, asking this question makes me a little bit embarrassed. I can't really think of something at the moment. Actually we're not embarrassed very easily. This name has been chosen on one of those crazy nights we've had. I guess standing in front of a large amount of people in your underwear on makes me embarrassed, but I suppose this counts for a lot of people. XD

Peter: I'm a brave person in general *ahum*, so I don't get embarrassed quickly! Haha, just kidding.. I get very embarrassed when I make major mistakes on stage, does that count?


Tři tisíce třista třicet tři stříbrných stříkaček stříkalo přes tři tisíce třista třicet tři stříbrných střech", what do you think this czech sentence means?

EE: "This triplet song is made strictly for the press! Also, Trista is a very nice person."

Are you more Chaos or Order kind of people?

Peter: A bit of both I think. I like most things tidy and organised (work, household, etc). However, when it comes down to doing certain activities, I like it to be fresh and spontaneous. I don't like planning ahead too much.

Nick: I join Peter with this one. But I have to say, that when everything is more organised (which happens more often now), it's easier to think about other things and it makes life a lot more easy. The mind gets a little more rest, and that's a thing I finally begin to understand now (after 25 years).


What other Netherlands music projects catched your ear, which you would like to recommend to our music listeners?

Peter: I really like Noisia, a Drum 'n Bass act from Groningen. They really reinvented the genre by a lot of doing revolutionary things. Not very unimportantly, they are very nice people too =]

Nick: The electronic chill-out project "Phone Booth Robbers" really is worth a listen. We can already announce that we're working together on a new "Collective" project, Argaman from Israel. Search for them on Soundcloud.com if you like.


Are we alone in the universe? If not how to they look like and how do you think their meeting with us will be?

Peter: There's more to life than meets the normal eye.

Nick: We're certainly not alone in the universe. Our solarsystem is only one single drop in a large ocean. It can't be that we are the only planet that has been chosen. There are a lot of things normal people don't understand and can't see with their naked eyes. I can talk hours on this subject, but I'll spare you guys. The only thing I know is that if we get contact with Extraterrestrial Lifeforms, they're far more evolved in technology than we are. The universe keeps me fascinated.

Many thanks for your time and looking forward to hear you in Babion! ;]


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